The Importance of Community Building

How Real Estate Builders are Creating Communities Today?

If there is one culture in India that has transcended through generations, it is the close-knit family system.

Indians are known around the world as people who value family and community. Living as a family creates strong bonding, provides a sense of security, and imbibes qualities of sharing, caring, empathy and understanding.

People also tend to develop a sense of tolerance, patience, and acceptance. These qualities help in building and maintaining a close-knit community, especially in a residential settlement.

The importance of building a community is often overlooked. A sense of belonging to a community can have many benefits for the residents.

It can help them feel safe, happy, and more involved in their surroundings. In this blog, we’ll explore why it is important to not only build homes but also build a sense of community in every real estate residential property. We will also discuss some community building strategies that real estate builders are currently using.

What homeowners seek from a community –

Homeowners go through a long, exhausting journey while buying a home. They expect their new home to be perfect in all aspects. Similarly, they look forward to becoming a part of a community where they can connect with others and feel understood.

Young parents, for instance, feel better about living in a community when they are surrounded by other young parents with whom they can empathize. When it comes to building better communities, it’s all about giving people what they want.

A place to feel at home – People buy or rent houses multiple times. A house needs to feel like a home for them to be happy and satisfied. When homeowners are excited, the whole community feels vibrant.

Sense of belonging – People want to feel like they’re a part of something, that they belong somewhere. They want to be able to interact with their neighbours and feel like they’re all in it together.

Convenience – Nowadays, convenience is given the utmost importance in all aspects. People want easy access to the things they need on a daily basis like—stores, schools, parks, and so on.

Security – And finally, a sense of security is what makes a house feel like a home. Homeowners want to feel safe in their own dens and in their community.

How real estate builders are creating better communities?

Top real estate builders in India like Godrej, Brigade, Embassy and Shapoorji Pallonji are not only building better homes but they are also providing luxurious and comfortable lifestyles for their homeowners.

They are actively promoting the idea of community living through various engagement activities, workshops, events, blogs, offers, and more. The main purpose of building a community is to maintain a healthy relationship with their homeowners and build a sense of trust. Here’s how the top builders in India are working towards building a strong community –

⦿ Common areas for people to meet and greet

Real estate builders are using more green spaces in their properties as it is highly effective to make residents feel welcomed. They use common areas like parks, play areas, pet areas, gyms, movie rooms, swimming pools etc., to foster a sense of community and increase engagement among residents.

⦿ High-end amenities

High-end amenities offered by builders are helping to create a convenient and luxurious lifestyle for homebuyers. The sense of luxury can help foster a community of like-minded people.

⦿ Organize events and workshops

Events and workshops are always the best ways to engage a community. Every real estate builder understands what the people in their community want and can relate to. As a result, they plan fun, creative, and engaging events and workshops to keep the community lively.

To keep their residents engaged and motivated, real estate builders organise and carry out a variety of events and activities.

Cultural meetings, musical events, children’s workshops, high tea parties, festive celebrations, and other activities all assist to unite like-minded people in their communities. This encourages the initiation of constructive conversations and the development of a close-knit community.

⦿ Community websites

Real estate builders now realize the importance of infotainment blogs that are tailored to a particular residential community. The blogs are targeted towards specific audiences such as young parents, pet owners, fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens, and working individuals.

Community websites, on the other hand, serve as a platform where everyone can get a glimpse into their own community. They can share images, videos, and newsletters pertaining to community events and workshops.

Benefits of building communities –

A community fosters a sense of belonging, builds trust among the residents, develops a sense of security, and builds a chain of active communication. Homeowners can benefit from community development in many ways.

Communities improve interactions among residents and increase brand loyalty and customer delight.

People can experience engaging workshops, entertaining events, and fun activities thereby having a good time together. In addition, living in a well-designed, affordable housing community helps improve residents’ quality of life by giving them easy access to healthcare, transportation, education, household goods, and entertainment.

How did community living become prominent during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic was a terrible phase for everyone across the globe. Nobody was ready to deal with the new reality. Lockdowns, isolation, lack of hospital supplies, high death tolls, and a panic that spread as quickly as the virus itself were things you would only see in movies.

During these difficult times, it was people who came for one another, but from a distance. By exchanging crucial information, ordering food in bulk, maintaining the sanity of other residents, and interacting with one another through entertaining content, the communities in the residential units accepted responsibility for one another.

Virtual communication became reliable as individuals began to adapt to the new normal. Zoom calls, online workshops, educational video conferences, talks/lectures, and many more activities were organized. There were a greater number of WhatsApp groups than ever before where people shared information on vaccination drives, updates on community rules, or any other information related to society.

A hard time like this showed the strength and benefits of community living in residential complexes. Everyone saw the real potential of virtual reality and connected people through their phones and laptops.


A significant part of growing referral sales for a real estate builder comes from adding more value to each customer’s life and making them feel like a part of a privileged community.

The ConnectRE platform by Reloy allows customers to engage in regular weekly events and enjoy curated offers, discounts, promotions, and activations from premium and PAN-India brands.

We thoughtfully organise our events to serve various communities. We have events curated for specifically for different age groups. Additionally, we plan multi-cultural events, creative events, musical and dance events and more.

Such targeted events and activities make every customer feel special and cared for, building conversations around the real estate builder through word-of-mouth. Not just that, each event also creates a sense of community among all existing homebuyers, thus adding a layer of emotional fulfilment to each of their lives.

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