Last week’s article really opened my eyes on how our industry is perceived even in the hardest of times. So many clients gave us feedback that hot leads just turned cold overnight after reading the headline.

It showed that we must build a better narrative about our own industry.

A narrative supported and propelled by our customers because they’ve backed it up and seen it happen.

Typically, we don’t reveal anything we do with our clients because we believe in quietly working with our audience. However, we thought that sharing a few stories of our clients who allowed us to talk about their initiative during COVID would move towards building a better future for the Real Estate Industry and bring out a fresh perspective.

So, what did developers do? 

For the first time, thousands of people were sitting at home and that perpetrated wide-spread anxiety. The globalised society felt disconnected in confinement. This called for innovation in what people know as “life” for the coming few months.

A daunting task lay ahead to bring some sense of familiarity to the thousands of residents who were now viewing the outside world through windows and balconies.

In a quick turn of events, real estate developers looked beyond servicing their societies and took the initiative to build an entire lifestyle around the axis of our homes.

Given the fluidity of our times, we were building it along the way, guided by our will to make their dreams a reality.

This new way of life was growing dynamically with the blocks provided by 50+ small businesses and aimed to create engagement that was meaningful and entertaining. It was branded and adapted as So Dis Life (The Social Distancing Lifestyle).

Within a few days of lockdown, developers like Shapoorji Pallonji Real EstateMahindra Happinest, and Group Satellite decided to leap forward and start using their social media and online platforms to connect with their customers and launch their engagement initiatives with us.

What made it revolutionary?

Looking beyond its staggering performance, this movement was motivated by community spirit.

Its scale was unprecedented and despite our inexperience, various enterprises associated with us owing to the nature of the initiative. So Dis Life was about making people happy and it reached out to 2.5 million people while engaging over 60,000. It recreated entertainment through online community games, music & dance competitions, self-development articles, curated binge lists, workshops, and niche posts, thus bringing hope amidst the stagnating gloom.

…On to the impossible

We are grateful to our clients for recognizing our potential to achieve quality engagement and trusting us with their lockdown campaigns’ success. We sincerely believe this accomplishment has opened new possibilities for the Real Estate industry.

Our success lies in the acknowledgement of our clients. Here is what some of them had to say:

The team had been always on top of new ideas and innovations to be introduced in RE Sector. While SP Club Benefique was launched to streamline the referral and loyalty vertical, customer engagement was a challenging task which was very well taken care by introduction of weekend workshops. The workshops have benefited the customers to a great extent and helped our teams to engage with customers in the challenging times. The team members in Kolkata worked beyond barriers and ensured the work within timelines.

Arpit Singhal (Marketing Manager, Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate)

“Loyalie has been a trusted partner to Mahindra Happinest over the years. The team at Loyalie have shown great commitment and ownership while helping us develop our flagship Channel Partner engagement app – now being used by several hundred CPs concurrently every month – as well as run various other impactful channel engagement initiatives. We wish Loyalie the best and look forward to continued collaboration in our areas of common interest.”

Tamojit Roy (Sr. Manager sales strategy, Mahindra Happinest)

Loyalie is now more confident in striving towards a new age for Indian real estate by building a 360-degree ecosystem of loyalty, engagements, and referrals that is self-sufficient, effective, and profitable.

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