I have absolutely amazing news to share but before I get into it, a big thank you to all our clients & investors for putting their trust and confidence in Loyalie over all these years. For us loyalty means everything and the fact that all our clients & investors have stood by us through it all, means the world. Now, coming to the big news!

⦿ We’ve raised INR 5 Cr from a consortium of 50+ angels led by Inflection Point Ventures.
⦿ Loyalie has now been renamed to ‘Reloy’ – As much as we loved Loyalie, we are only doing one thing – Real Estate LOYalty and this name suits the purpose better.

We’re moving towards a goal of perfecting the homeowning journey for customers. In our mission we are joined by 50+ strategic angels spanning Startup Founders, Enterprise Founders of Agarwal Packers & Movers, Greenpanel & Greenlam, to top CXOs from Morgan Stanley, IIFL Finance, Asian Paints, Colgate, Livspace, and also from some of the finest hedge fund managers, investment bankers and lawyers from around the world.

With this raise we want to unleash a new era of digital amenities that will power established real estate builders and help them leverage their legacy.

Our journey so far

In 2017 we started with referrals – having secured the first RERA approval to only do referral sales.
(Your referrals maybe illegal).
In 2018, we deployed cutting edge tech to capture referrals and realised that there is a major missing gap – engagement.
In 2019,  we built alliances to power 3rd party benefits for homeowners and events to augment referrals.
In 2020, we showed how content can grab everyone’s attention in lockdown and drive referrals even more.
In 2021, we took all our learnings and pieced them all together.

Now, this New Year, we are ready to show how digital amenities have the potential to lead referral sales.

What doesn’t change for us?

In these last 5 years, even through the hardest of times, we’ve not done primary broking at any point. We will continue with the homeowning activities that create customer delight and referrals. We are going to keep it this way, thus ensuring zero incentive to misuse our clients’ hard-earned data.

We’re in this together and we’re all for data privacy.

What changes?

This fundraise is primarily going towards scaling up our technology and operations.

We know we have our clients’ trust, and it is now our chance to deliver on our vision.

All of this to build a new type of digital housing.

As technology continues to revolutionize the real estate industry in ways more than one, we, at Reloy, have a path to perfecting the homeowning journey and unleashing the true value of homeowning in today’s age.

Why Are We Rebranding Now?

Our new name comes at a time to reflect the changing times. We believe that an entire chapter in the history of Indian Real Estate is over. The marred, unethical players of Indian real estate will be a blip in the history of Indian Real Estate as RERA ensures it is now a thing of the past.

We are living in a post-RERA phase and are finally entering a Real Estate supercycle that has followed every recession for the last 100 years. (More on this next time)

What comes next is an era where we use technology to empower customers, past and present with a product better than what was promised.

In the new avatar of Loyalie in Reloy, we hope all our clients & investors #ReloyOnUs.

Looking forward to unveiling our vision soon.

*We’re currently on the lookout for fresh young talent in tech, sales and operations in Bombay, Bangalore, Pune & Delhi. Check out our careers page for job openings.

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  1. Dear Akhil & Abhay
    Congratulations !!
    Wishing you a Fabulous Journey Ahead
    Tushar Vagal

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