Indian real estate sales have followed a basic pattern over the years. A real estate agent gives prospective customers a tour and if all goes well, the sale moves forward. This is the most frequent method of property sales.

On the other hand, there is also the customer referral where existing clients of developers refer projects to other people who are looking to buy real estate. These two methods have conveniently set the pace for the industry over the years.

So, as a real estate developer in India how can you maximize output from these age old strategies?

Today, we are going to take a look at how you can revolutionize your sales for the better. Let’s find out:

1. Increase the engagement index of your customers (and boost real estate sales)

One of the primary low points of a real estate sale is when the booking is made and customers have to wait till property handover. This is the time during which home buyers go through paranoia and are not in a very comfortable position.

As a real estate developer, it is in your best interest to create customer engagement through rewards and activations. It will not only make your customers feel more reassured, but also increase your referrals. Customer satisfaction during this point could be pivotal to your property sales.

2. Create loyalty benefits for channel partners

Channel partners/ real estate agents make almost half the real estate sales for developers. Creating incentives with events, additional cash benefits, and lead protection will help influence their loyalty for your brand.

An environment where channel partners feel part of your family is more likely to accelerate your sales growth and help you get ahead of your competitors.

3. Motivate your employees for referral sales

A major chunk of real estate sales can also come from employee referrals – something developers should definitely tap into. Developers can encourage referrals by tying up with a RERA registered referral and loyalty platform and offering cash and kind benefits.

This will not only create an opportunity for employee engagement, but also facilitate a healthy competition between them to bag the most number of referrals and get rewarded for it.

These are just some of the ways with which you can revolutionize your real estate property sales. To get a more detailed overview, visit Loyalie now!

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