Imagine a world where Google didn’t sell ads, Facebook didn’t monetize its data, Amazon didn’t optimize their search preferences for you? If you think from a business perspective, it sounds incredibly ignorant, doesn’t it? This is exactly what is happening today with the real estate sector in India. Loyalty today is the innovation that is needed to redefine and reinvent the distribution channels.

How the real estate sector is different?

Real estate is an emotional sale. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the relationship between a developer and a home buyer goes beyond that of sharing a sale agreement. Also, people invest their entire life savings into buying a house and put in a tremendous amount of effort into making it their home. Consequently, it presents you with the opportunity to curate one of the most vital events in a buyer’s life – and this is where loyalty programs play a major role.

A real estate loyalty program seeks to address the various needs and aspirations of a home buyer’s lifestyle. In essence, it offers developers a platform to connect with its residents and build a relationship of trust. Alternatively, he can opt to establish this association by undertaking various initiatives – be it providing home buyers with an array of perks and privileges or organizing a plethora of engagement activities for them.

Now the question that remains is why in the real estate sector?

Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful and time-tested marketing tool in any brand’s arsenal. However, the difference here is that this isn’t an article you can write or an ad you can purchase. In reality, word of mouth marketing can only be developed when we truly engage home buyers and give them specific points to talk about regarding your brand. Focusing on a solid referral program that is transparent in its approach is the ultimate tool to boost this organic sales channel.

Referrals can provide up to 30% of residential sales for a large company in markets like Mumbai and Pune, about 5-10% in New Delhi – NCR, 20% in Bangalore and up to as much as 70% in smaller towns where we’ve seen more deeply integrated communities.

Loyalie curates engagement programs for homebuyers of some of the largest companies in the real estate sector in India. We are RERA approved to run referral programs in multiple states in the country.

How do we help?

Our ConnectRE platform provides a Developer with a solution that helps them generate more leads and channelize sales. The Loyalie platform allows homebuyers to make referrals, enjoy their homes, avail discount coupons and get notified of upcoming events. Providing a user-friendly App acts as the first contact for any homebuyer to contact a developer, or check engagement activations.

We organize engagement events and activations for property residents of Developers. Some of our events include health camps or blood donation camps, cricket match viewing, concerts and much more.

Our company has collaborated with a wide range of brands across India. We organize exclusive deals & discounts for the home buyers of our real estate clients. Loyalie also creates unique referral rewards to cater to specific projects.

A seamless loyalty experience provided through a comprehensive platform; a user-friendly App is a true mark of innovation in the Indian Real Estate market. Click here to increase your real estate sales.

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