Real Estate Referral suggestions are made through personal connections, thus involving a fair amount of trust or reliability. So they have more potential for quality lead conversions. The family member or friend who has been referred will trust You (as a developer) more than your competitors.

Customer satisfaction

‘Put their needs ahead of your own’. Add bonuses to the purchase of a property; create value for your home buyers. Provide them with perks and privileges such as deals from nearby grocery stores or moving in benefits. Customer Satisfaction motivates your home buyers to spread positive word of mouth about your company. Thus, you generate quality real estate referrals.

Loyalty programs to generate real estate referral leads

Give your residents more reason to stand a loyal ground with your company. Loyalie is one such marketing platform which facilitates benefits and deals from luxury and mass market brands from across the country for your home buyers. If you hire Loyalie, their team will organize deals & discounts for your homebuyers that would be available to them through Loyalie’s mobile phone App.

Engagement Activities for home buyers

Once your residents have settled in, engage them in exciting events in their housing society. As an advanced marketing platform, Loyalie organizes events on behalf of the real estate developers for their residents. Events can include health camps or blood donation camps, cricket match viewing, concerts and more. This will build a strong relationship between you, the developer and your residents and thereby build brand loyalty. This will automatically bring in real estate referrals through better leads.

Real estate referral rewards

Show your homebuyers that you care. When a customer makes a referral, acknowledge their goodwill and effort. Also, reward them for their contribution to the growth of your company. Loyalie is one such platform which will help you organize referral rewards for your customers. In fact, our advanced mobile app will help your homebuyers, view and track their rewards in a transparent system.

Loyalie’s advanced marketing solutions have repeatedly generated high conversion of leads. Consequently, with more real estate referrals comes better business growth.

Let your customers sell for you!

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