Why is home buyer experience important?

Home buyer experience plays a significant role in enhancing the growth of your real estate company. In fact, trust is the crux of a relationship between a home buyer and a real estate developer. Hence, with the foundation of trust and credibility, your home buyers will refer your property to their loved ones.

Research says that over 30% of real estate sales depends on referrals, which can be generated through an exquisite experience. Therefore, you should create quality customer experience by working towards several additional goals beyond the basic delivery of the product, which is the selling of the property.

Develop Customer Relationship

Put in that extra effort to enhance your relationship with your home buyers after the deal is finalized. Also, communicate details of your property, the real estate rates of the property, nearby shops etc. In short, help them imagine their new home, and make their moving-in, a smooth and easy process.

Hold Seminars on the Real Estate Scenario

Organize seminars for your present and prospective home buyers, on the real estate scenario of India. Consequently, this will build awareness of the home buyers. You can position your property as one of the best ones in the city, and possibly the best in that locality. It will also give you a chance to bond with them over some refreshments.

Customer Appreciation Day

Engage your homebuyers in exciting events in their housing society. Events can include health camps or blood donation camps, cricket match viewing, concerts and more. This day(s) will be all about appreciating your treasured home buyers and creating a beautiful home buyer experience. These events will build a strong relationship between you, the developer and your residents and thereby build brand loyalty.

Curate Exclusive Deals

Give your residents more reason to stand a loyal ground with your company. Provide them with perks and privileges such as luxury brand discounts, or deals from nearby grocery stores – throughout the purchase period and afterwards. Moving in benefits with luxury car pickups and deals on packers and movers companies will also add significant value to the overall customer experience that you have designed for your home buyers.

Referral Rewards

Home buyers with a quality customer experience will be your brand advocates. Trust and credibility will provide them with solid ground for referring to your projects. Show your home buyers that you care. When a customer makes a referral, acknowledge their goodwill and effort. Reward them for their contribution to the growth of your company.

Loyalie – Behind the best of home buyer experience!

For all of the above, it is best if you hire a marketing company such as Loyalie. Through tie-ups with various luxury and mass-market vendors, Loyalie organizes deals & discounts from PAN India brands. Along with this, Loyalie ideates designs and executes a wide array of engagement activations for your home buyers. Loyalie is registered with RERA in the states of Mumbai, Karnataka and Chennai. Thus, it has a RERA-Compliant Referral Platform through which home buyers can make referrals of a property to their loved ones.

Provide your home buyers with a quality home buyer experience and you will see how your buyers start selling for you! Click here for more information.

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