A pivotal step for a Real Estate developer is finalizing the real estate deals with a prospective home buyer. Furthermore, home buyers take a long time in making up their minds for buying a property. Closing Deals is no cakewalk, but it can be done smoothly and effectively if the developer follows a few effective strategies.

Construct A Model Flat

It is a standard feature to construct a model apartment/flat of the property you are going to sell. However, as an alternative, you can finish one floor of the property early and show it to the buyer. Thus, it sets clear expectations in the buyer and increases your credibility as a developer.
Also, the model should be finished with the interiors of the initial show flat. Furthermore, It helps the buyer imagine his own home and finalize the deal (real estate deals).


The confidence of home buyers has been in question. Also, there have been delays in delivery time, harassment in legal issues and lack of transparency between the builder and the buyer. However, RERA and a strong RERA body are actually helping revive end-user demands.
Highlight to your home buyers that you are a RERA-compliant developer. It will provide them with the assurance that their property will be delivered on time. The RERA Act, 2016 also defines important features of a property such as “carpet area”, “common areas” and so on. By complying with RERA, you are assuring your home buyers of a transparent, scam-free deal.

Hospitality and Engagement with buyers

A potential home buyer needs to feel at home. A simple yet important rule in succeeding in your business is being pleasant and hospitable with your customers. It is necessary that you engage with them in their own language and respond to their queries promptly. Customers who feel a stronger sense of connection will always trust you more.

Added Perks

Every Indian customer asks, “Free mein kya mil raha hai?” (What are we getting for free?) As a real estate developer, providing perks to your customer builds Brand Loyalty for your business. Customer satisfaction leads to more Referrals and therefore a substantial growth for your business. Surprise your customers with irresistible deals. Loyalie has tie-ups with businesses like salon & spas, restaurants and cafes near your property and various luxury brands through which it will bring in amazing discounts and deals to your customers.

If you have any confusion or would like to know more about such processes, contact us for a free consultation by clicking here. We are here to help you reach your real estate goals.

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