A marketing solutions platform focuses on creating a unique experience for the home buyers of its real estate developer clients. As India’s most trusted real estate marketing solutions platform, Loyalie believes in the complete and seamless execution of a quality customer experience. Read on to know about how far we go to please your treasured home buyers.

Post-Booking Construction Phase – Deals & Discounts

Real estate customer experiences are created by client relationships that go beyond the closing of a deal. Loyalie provides your home buyers with perks and privileges such as discounts from luxury and mass market brands. We have a tie up with India’s number one online shoppers’ destination. Through this platform, we organize for deals that are available to your home buyers through Loyalie’s transparent and user friendly mobile phone App.

Time of Moving In – Moving In Benefits

Turning a new house into a home requires substantial effort and support. We offer exclusive moving in benefits and deals from brands of packers and movers, electronic products, interior design as well as luxury car pick up facilities. In short, we help your customers imagine their new home and make their moving-in, a smooth and easy process. Also, we aim to generate customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty through grand customer experience.

After Moving In – Local Area Benefits

We have programs for the post-possession phase as well. We arrange for local area benefits for your residents. With this, we show how much you (the developer) care for their daily needs. We provide your home buyers with discounts from various brands including restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and gym or fitness centers in their locality.

After Moving In – Engagement Events

Once your residents have settled in, we engage them in exciting events in their housing society. We organize events for your residents, such as health camps or blood donation camps, cricket match viewing, concerts and more. Consequently, this helps build a strong relationship between you, the developer and your residents and thereby build brand loyalty through exquisite customer experience.

Right from prospecting to moving in and beyond, developers can engage buyers with events, loyalty offers and benefits.  You as a developer get to leverage your buyers’ loyalty that is developed as the direct result of such programs – and grow your real estate business.

To find out more about real estate marketing solutions and enhanced customer experience with Loyalie, click here.

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