MahaRERA Real Estate Referrals Were Never This Easy

RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act 2016) has slowly been applied to the Indian States creating waves since its implementation from May 1, 2017. Maharashtra was one of the first states to notify its rules under the Act and establish MahaRERA.

There was a rush among developers to register their projects to avoid any notices or penalties. The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) issued its first show cause notice immediately to a property broker for violating provisions of the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act 2016 and the state rules formed under the Act.

With the implementation of  MahaRERA, the residential real estate sector in the state experienced a dramatic change. It has been a challenge for developers and promoters regarding RERA Compliance that requires all construction approvals before registration.

The smarter developers though have registered their projects prior, getting an edge of credibility over other developers. They are also making the best use of this opportunity using RERA compliant services.

For instance, real estate referrals have been made illegal unless the person doing so is a registered agent. This creates a lot of uncertainty as a very good amount of sales come from referrals. To counter this, developers can start utilizing RERA compliant platforms for their referral needs.

Loyalie is a pioneering digital RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act 2016) Compliant platform that allows buyers to make legal and hassle-free referrals straight from the Loyalie App. Not only that, Loyalie allows developers to engage buyers with co-curated special programs and events that generate both loyalty and referrals.

Home buyers trust the word of mouth references of their acquaintances and friends much more than the brand and marketing of any real estate group. So developers need to leverage this factor and start acquiring new buyers through our game-changing referral software which is legal.

From engaging prospective buyers to engaging lifelong customers, Loyalie covers it all. We help you co-create and implement special promotional events and programs that help in generating referrals and increases the currency of loyalty. What’s even better is buyers can avail various loyalty benefits in the form of offer and discounts from businesses we have tie-ups with.

Let your home buyers become passionate advocates of your brand and sell for you. Their word of mouth marketing and referrals has more credibility and reach than traditional marketing. Leverage your buyers’ loyalty that is developed as the direct result of such programs to grow your business.

Beat your other competitors in the state and beyond growing your real estate sales exponentially using our platform. Click here to know more.

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