Overall, 2019 seems to be a great year for Indian real estate. Innovation accelerated growth, and affordable housing is only a few of the key real estate emerging trends this year. Let’s see what this year will bring us all!

Real Estate emerging trends – Affordable housing in Indian real estate

According to Livemint, affordable housing is the only segment where transactions have taken place in the last few years. We expect this trend to continue along 2019 as well.

With the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and a surge in the demand for affordable housing, the demand-supply ratio has gone for a toss. 2019 will witness the rise in the supply of affordable housing units, with new developers and new locales emerging out across the country.

However, it is more complicated when it comes to the ground reality of an affordable housing setup. Even after an individual from an economically weaker section receives possession of a house with luxury amenities, he or she is unable to make full use of it. A marketing solutions company such as Loyalie can help in the process of a seamless moving in, along with providing all the necessary aid to create a better life for the individuals planning to reside in affordable houses. This way, after possession of an affordable house, Loyalie can make life worth living for them!

Loyalie’s vision is in unanimity with the nation’s vision of affordable housing, and we wish to better the lifestyle standards of every human being in the country through our end to end value-added services and customer loyalty and engagement solutions.

Real Estate Emerging Trends – Quality projects

The steady demand for quality construction projects at strategic locations will continue to rise in 2019. With RERA bodies watching closely, value projects and timely delivery will be of top priority for developers, large or small. Loyalie is strongly in favor of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act (2016) and through our own efforts, we strive to make real estate a transparent, trustworthy, and customer-centric industry in India.

We explain the importance of RERA to home buyers and assure them of quality construction and timely delivery as those are part of our client’s RERA-bound duties. We are a RERA-registered company and we strictly follow a policy of only working with real estate developers who have registered under RERA.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality allows buyers to view and visualize a completed or under-construction property remotely. VR has been around for a short while but this year seems like a boom time for it. Thus, VR will help you construct tailor-made homes for your customers. Loyalie’s customer loyalty app provides real-time construction updates to home buyers; also, we have a virtual reality enabled tour of the properties.

Strong digital presence

Along with traditional marketing tools, digital marketing strategies for real estate properties are on the rise.

Make extensive use of social media platforms to reach out to a larger group of the target audience.
Use competent and effective digital marketing tools for your business.

Loyalie is an advanced real estate marketing solutions platform and the entire operations or communication between our clients and their customers can take place through our user-friendly mobile phone app. Apart from this, our entire referral system is through a digital platform. We enable homebuyers to share details of projects that they wish to refer to through social media; we have created the concept of a referral web link that can also be shared across all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Customer loyalty & engagement for home buyers

A major trend of this year is customized loyalty programs and engagement programs for home buyers. It is important to take care of your homebuyers not only during the purchase but afterward as well.

We at Loyalie provide your home buyers with discounts from various PAN India brands. Additionally, it includes moving in benefits with deals from packers and movers brands or interior design brands. We also organize a delightful event on the day of the possession, as that is one of the most important moments of a person’s life. Apart from this, we provide local area benefits; it also includes offers from restaurants, cafes, salons and spas and fitness centers in their locality.

Once your residents have settled in, we engage them in exciting events in their housing society. Events can include health camps or blood donation camps, cricket match viewing, concerts and more.

Channel Partner Loyalty

Last but not least – channel partner loyalty programs are gradually becoming popular. Developers are recognizing the crucial role that channel partners play in the closing of a deal and also how a majority of real estate sales take place through channel partners.

With healthy incentives offered beyond basic cash benefits, channel partners develop a positive mindset towards the developer and grow loyal towards the brand. As a result, during site visits with clients, they prioritize your properties over those of other developers. In effect, there is a steady growth in your real estate business.

Loyalie has a comprehensive Channel Partner Loyalty platform that focuses on exquisite financial and lifestyle benefits for real estate agents. From the assurance of Timely Payments and Lead Protection to Transparency in transactions and a plethora of Lifestyle benefits; Loyalie covers all your channel partner loyalty program needs.

For more information on customer and channel partner loyalty programs and real estate emerging trends, click here.

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