Up to 90% of the total sales of most developers in India are contributed by real estate agents. However, even though the industry depends so heavily on real estate agents to sell units, real estate agent efficiency is limited by numerous market challenges.    

Therefore, it is crucial to address these challenges and bring ease and transparency to the system to boost real estate sales. The following pain points affect their productivity and performance.

⦿ Payment delays

Imagine if your online orders came without the tracking feature. Would it not make you anxious? Now, what if, instead of a simple package, it was something that you had put six months of effort into getting?    

Real estate agents remain ambiguous about their payment status in many cases even after they have raised their invoices. These delays without notification can create a sense of restlessness in them and affect real estate agent efficiency in selling for the particular developer.

⦿ Lack of brand connect

Most developers incentivize sales performance on a project level through a tier system. But that just makes affiliate real estate agents focus on their particular projects.   

What can developers do to make them sell the real estate brand and not just projects? Creating a central system to help them work with your brand instead of just on designated projects can help improve your distribution channels.  

It will also create brand loyalty among distribution channels, thus making them sell more of the developer that acknowledges their efforts above and beyond their commission.

⦿ Slow speed of campaigns

During the launch, developers conduct meets for real estate agents where they give out collaterals. This is often a time-consuming process that only delays sales. Instead, creating an interactive tool allows you to build a faster and broader variety of communications during the launch period and help accelerate the sales engine and increase real estate agent efficiency.

⦿ Absence of specialized selling tools

In many ways, selling homes is a consumer product with B2B qualities, courtesy of its high-value and long sales cycle. Therefore, real estate agents need the tools that will adapt to the uniqueness of the product. Real estate has focused on creating direct online real estate sales, but what can it do to develop sales channels? Developers must realize that buying real estate will never become as easy as buying other commodities on the internet. Buyers will always need to make several considerations.  

The best way to speed up the selling is to optimize the sales channel. Even today, real estate agents have to rely on maintaining various project and developer brochures while pitching to prospects. While it might seem like an accepted process on the surface level, it slows down real estate agent efficiency.   

Also, with the new normal post-pandemic, real estate agents are now in need of a digital assistant that can help them sell virtually.

What can make a difference?

A virtual sales management platform could help eliminate these inefficiencies and bring forth a new way to boost real estate sales and increase real estate agent efficiency.   

Developers can employ an integrated digital assistant for their real estate agents to create an ecosystem that ensures better functioning and higher sales.    

WinnRE is the perfect tool to upgrade your distribution system and allow seamless execution. Here’s how developers can completely rebuild your real estate agent network: 

⦿ Team onboarding, expansion, and training of real estate agent network

More real estate agents mean more sales. With WinnRE, developers can increase their network of real estate agents by up to 10X. It also allows registered agents to onboard their teams on the platform and access everything they need to sell projects.    

WinnRE becomes a one-stop platform for them to train themselves and upgrade their skills anywhere, any time. The virtual modules are also shareable with their teams and help improve overall performance and ease.

⦿ Easing the process with personalized selling tools

Personalized and digitally-enabled selling tools help real estate agents share all project details and information with prospects in a single click. They can also register lead site visits, track them in real-time, and continually update their status.    

These selling tools help them boost real estate sales even while working from home and increase real estate agent efficiency.

⦿ Payment Transparency

What if real estate agents had end-to-end payment transparency? From calculating brokerage amounts to raising and tracking invoices, everything is just a few clicks away with WinnRE. The virtual sales assistant allows real estate agents to access developer payment history with ease and find out their expected clearance of dues, which is generally 15 days post property registration by their lead.     

WinnRE is adaptable to the distribution networks of all developers and removes the bottlenecks that slow down the sales process to increase real estate agent efficiency. In the age of technology, adoption will define the market leader, and you too can initiate the transformation by booking a demo with Loyalie. 

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