Present day Real Estate Marketing has surpassed the traditional strategies of the old age. Today, the real estate industry focuses on the quality of a home buyer’s experience throughout the purchase process just as much as construction quality and the likes.

Referral Reward Programs

Show your homebuyers that you care. When a customer makes a referral, acknowledge their goodwill and effort. Reward them for their contribution towards the growth of your company. Loyalie is the best real estate marketing platform which will help you organize referral rewards for your customers. Loyalie’s advanced mobile app will help your homebuyers view and track their rewards in a transparent process.

Loyalty Benefits

Multiple researches show that programs created for customer retention are more cost effective than those created for customer acquisition. Loyalie creates customized loyalty programs for your home buyers. It offers your home buyers a wide range of amazing discounts and deals from various PAN-India Brands. Because we all know, a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Customer Services

It is important to take care of your homebuyers not only during the purchase, but afterwards as well. Show your customers that you are concerned about their daily needs. Loyalie provides your home buyers with discounts from various luxury brands including restaurants, cafes, salon and spas and fitness centres in their locality. Besides that, with moving in benefits from brands of packers and movers, interior designers and more, Loyalie helps you settle in your new home and neighborhood.

Engagement Events

Once your residents have settled in, engage them in exciting events in their housing society. As an advanced marketing platform, Loyalie organizes events on behalf of the real estate developers for their residents. Events can include health camps or blood donation camps, cricket match viewing, concerts and more. This will build a strong relationship between you, the developer, and your residents. As a result, it will build brand loyalty for your company.

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