Why you need real estate loyalty and an engagement program

With the transformation and reorganization of the real estate sector in India, there are a few essential strategies that are being incorporated to increase the overall productivity of real estate businesses. Research has shown that referrals account for over 20% of real estate sales in India, making it an engagement program the crux of business growth.

One of the principal trends of 2019 is the growing importance of loyalty programs. As a result of loyalty programs, there is an increased generation of leads or referrals for real estate businesses. With over two years of experience in the real estate industry, and working with Tier A and Tier B real estate clients, we at Loyalie have developed a few insights on real estate marketing. Our real estate loyalty and engagement programs have brought over incredible results for our clients.

Exclusive deals and discounts

More often than not, customer relationship is based on the crucial aspect of ‘emotion’. Put in that extra effort to enhance your relationship with your home buyers after closing the deal. Give your residents more reason to stand a loyal ground with your company. Provide them with perks and privileges such as deals and discounts from popular brands and luxury brands. You can provide your buyers with local area benefits by offering them discounts for cafes, restaurants, grocery stores or fitness centers in their locality. To enable a smooth moving in process for your home buyers, organize moving in benefits with discount offers from brands that cater to the moving in process, such as packers and movers, wall paint companies, electrical and electronic appliances companies and so on.

Customer Appreciation Day

Engaging your customers on regular intervals reminds them of your brand and the added benefits that you have continued to provided for them, even after the closing of the deal. Once your residents have settled in, engage them in exciting events in their housing society. Accordingly, events can include health camps or blood donation camps, cricket matches, concerts, visit to amusement parks, and more. These days will be all about appreciating your treasured home buyers.

Consequently, these initiatives will build a strong relationship between you, the developer and your residents. It will thereby infuse a strong sense of brand loyalty towards your business.

Help your home buyers with their needs and they will help you grow your brand. Create unique and extraordinary experiences for your customers and generate quality leads for your real estate business.

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