Top 5 Tips To Get A Digital Real Estate Referrals

The real estate industry needs to adapt itself to the online revolution. Digital is the future and is the fastest way to connect to your home buyers. If you are looking for more digital real estate referrals make use of the tips provided.

1. Employ an Advanced Digital Referral Program

Everyone has access to smart phones these days. Word of mouth referrals still work but the flexibility offered by the digital platforms is unmatched due to the easy access. You can make use of such a platform to ease the referral process for your buyers as well as prospective buyers.

For instance, Loyalie is such a platform that allows buyers to make referrals that are not only legal but also RERA Compliant. They can easily refer their friends and families with a few simple clicks. This increases your reach to more people as well as your referrals. Click here to know more how to employ such a program.

2. Customize Your App According To Your Buyers

Your present base of home buyers as well as prospectors have their own set of perceptions and worldview. This is dictated by factors such as their income, their social status etc. Your real estate app should reflect these, so people subconsciously find it easier to connect with the app. The rewards that you are providing for your referrals should be customized according to that.
Loyalie allows you to either employ a white labeled or semi white labeled version of the app.

3. Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You will always be one step ahead of your competitors if you revamp your digital marketing. Having a practical digital marketing strategy allows you to have a targeted reach to your market.
The real aim of your marketing should be to convert your normal sales funnel to an online sales funnel. Once people are hooked onto your online output they are more likely to share and refer the same to their known ones.
Email marketing will directly help you to reach your clients with attractive referral offers and announcements.

There are many digital platforms that you can leverage to increase your leads and sales.
You should be able to judge which digital platform is working best to your strategy and work more on that. Every target market has their specific liking and disliking. You should tailor your efforts to the one receiving the best traction.

4. Revamp Your Website

A proper landing page is one of the first prerequisites to a good real estate website. All your digital marketing efforts will be to redirect traffic to your landing page or website. Once people reach your website their first impression will dictate the rest of the lead conversion process.

The website content should be straight to the point with the design being clean and uncluttered according to your main target audience. People should be able to go to any required sections of their interest with one click rather than having to browse through ten different pages. The best approach in this case is to keep everything minimal.
The graphics used should appeal to the prospectors, though just having a mere spectacular website does not do the trick also. Your project listings and referrals tabs should be your prime focus of your web design as this is what people are looking for.

5. Engage Your Customers Digitally

Digital reach is simple and uncomplicated. Your present clients as well as prospectors should be able to find interesting updates as well as other helpful content regularly so that they get habituated to the engagement. Social media platforms for the most part allow you to do this practically free or at minimal costs.
You can use the power of online groups to cater to your specific subscribed audience. The sharing option allows people to connect instantly. The content should reflect their tastes and requirements. Some quick social media tips are provided below
– Use Twitter for quick real estate and project updates and link sharing.
– Share your blogs through larger platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
– Videos have the highest engagement rate. Make sure to give something informational or educational.
– Sites like Pinterest are best to share your beautiful projects and homes.

If you have any confusion or would like to know more about such processes, contact us for a free consultation by clicking here. We are here to help you reach your real estate goals.

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