First time customers and repeat customers have one very important thing in common- trust. It is necessary to understand that your relationship with your customers go beyond the closing. More often than not, customer relationship is based around a crucial aspect – Emotion. Here are a few tips as to how you can improve on your customer relationship.

Monitor home value

Monitor the real estate value of your customer’s property from after the closing of the deal. Let them know about the property rates of the locality and communicate market changes on a monthly basis. This helps your buyers feel reassured about their decision and helps them trust you more. A healthy customer relationship is the path to better business growth.

Monitor the locality

Keep a track of the various kinds of developments in the locality of your project. Notify your customers of new road constructions, IT parks, hospitals, schools, clubs, restaurants and cafes. This will help you engage with your customers on a regular basis. More importantly, it will foster hope and trust in them, not only about their future home but your company as well. Thus, they will feel more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

Guidance in Finance

Help your home buyers with the housing loan process and overall finance of the purchase. Present to them, options of home loans and help them weigh out their possibilities and risks. Try and pass along opportunities for saving up wherever you see fit. This improves your goodwill and builds your credibility as a builder. This evolving customer relationship will surely help you generate more referrals in the future.

Make the moving in process easier

At the beginning, a newly bought house is just a property located in a new unfamiliar area. Therefore, turning that house into a home requires a substantial effort and support. Loyalie is an advanced marketing platform with tie ups with multiple vendors. Thus, it arranges for exclusive moving in benefits and deals from major brands. In short, Loyalie will help your customers imagine their new home, and make their moving-in, a smooth and easy process. This way customer satisfaction will increase and with it, customer loyalty as well.

Loyalie not only arranges for moving in benefits, but takes care of every customer’s needs. For one, it provides for complete loyalty and engagement solutions for your business. Loyalie also provides a RERA-Compliant transparent Referral Program for all your home buyers.

For more information on developing a solid customer relationship, click here.

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