Customer-centric real estate – Does it matter?

A few noteworthy statistics that focus on the importance of customer-centric real estate –

55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience (ThinkJar).

75% of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage – social networks, in-person, online or by phone (Salesforce).

87% of consumers think brands need to do more to provide a seamless experience (Zendesk).

The above are only three of a truckload of instances which clearly illustrate that customer experience is crucial to the success of a business. For a real estate firm, it matters all the more, as buying a home involves much greater emotional and financial investment.

Local area benefits for home buyers

It is important to take care of your homebuyers not only during the purchase but afterward as well. Also, show your customers that you are concerned about their daily needs. You can make this happen through engagement and loyalty programs organized by marketing platforms such as Loyalie. Additionally, Loyalie provides your home buyers with discounts from various brands including restaurants, cafes or even gym services in their locality.

Customer-centric Real estate referral programs

A referral is a true measure of brand success for a real estate developer. Acknowledge the contribution of your home buyers and residents towards the growth of your company. Create referral programs for them. Consequently, these programs will reward home buyers with cash and other benefits for making referrals of a property.

Loyalie’s customer loyalty and engagement

Loyalie is a marketing company which has tie-ups with a wide range of brands across India. If you hire Loyalie, their team will organize deals & discounts for your homebuyers that would be available to them through Loyalie’s user-friendly mobile phone app. They also create referral reward programs for your home buyers and residents.

As an advanced marketing platform, Loyalie also organizes Engagement Events and Activations on behalf of real estate developers, for their residents. Events include luxury day trips for a wine tasting or amusement parks for children and much more.

In this way, a customer-centric real estate developer can earn so much more than just money. He or she can earn trust and respect from present and potential customers, and gradually grow a strong and sustainable brand reputation or position.

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