Brand loyalty is one of the most coveted marketing resources in any industry. It not only contributes to more sales and profit but also requires little investment to maintain. Solely attracted by a great experience, loyal customers are one of the major drivers in sales.

According to perceptions, 71% of customers recommend their brand when they are satisfied with its services.

The benefits of customer loyalty programs are no different in the real estate industry. Developers too can magnify their sales through referrals from existing customers – it is just a matter of learning how to engage them in the best possible way and provide a stellar experience.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 of the most tried and tested ways that promote loyalty in real estate customers. Want to find out?

Let’s take a look:

1. Engaging through events and activations (and creating brand loyalty)

From booking till handover, customers go through a period mixed with emotions of anxiety and excitement. This is also the time when there is negligible communication between the developer and the buyer.

However, if the developer eases its customers and engages them in different events, buyers will feel reassured about their real estate brand. It will give them a sense of satisfaction and make referrals to their friends and family easy.

Bonus Tip: Customer engagement through events and activations cannot be a one-time effort. If you want to build loyalty among homebuyers, you will have to make this a process, because your benefits will set you apart from other developers.

2. Customer support through vendor options

Moving into a new home might be exciting, but it is also strenuous, to say the least. There are tons of things one needs to take care of; from hiring packers and movers, to picking the right furniture brand, interior designer brand, and getting the best electrical appliances.

But what would happen if you took charge of all these things as the rewarding developer and gave your buyers the opportunity to get in touch with each and every vendor type they need?

From packers and movers to electrical appliances brands, you could get them the best deals on their needs and take your brand loyalty to the next level.

How do you benefit?

The next time your buyers make a home-buying referral to their friends and family; only your name will come to their mind.

3. Rewarding for successful referrals

Why not open another gateway to market your inventory?

All you need to do is reward your customers in cash or kind for making successful referrals! Just keep in mind that you carry this out through a RERA certified partner.

Once existing homebuyers learn about their earning opportunity through property referrals to friends and family, your customer loyalty will become one of the major factors for your real estate success.

These are the 3 ways you can employ to build brand loyalty for your real estate company in India. For a more detailed understanding of how giving your existing customers something extra could help you grow your sales and brand value, contact Loyalie now!

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