Right Formula for Real Estate Referral Sales and a Happy Customer

What is the Right Formula for Real Estate Referral Sales and a Happy Customer?

Over the past year as life has started to return back to normal inch by inch, the housing industry has seen massive demand in the top 8 Indian cities. With stamp duty cuts by state governments, low housing loan interest rates, and incentives to homebuyers, more people are looking to own a house today.   The Real Insight Residential report has observed an annual growth of 7% from 66,176 units sold…

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Real Estate Oversimplified The need to innovate and evolve thumbnail

Real Estate Oversimplified:
The need to innovate and evolve

By Akhil Saraf Founder, Reloy We’re all excited about the sharp recovery real estate has been seeing post pandemic, but has real estate in India reached its former glory?  If we compare the 2021 real estate sales with that of 2013, we’ll see that the housing sales have dropped by 27% over the decade. So what really brought this lull in the realty sector? Is this just an unfortunate set…

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How To Increase Real Estate Agent Efficiency And Boost Real Estate Sales

How To Increase Real Estate Agent Efficiency And Boost Real Estate Sales?

Up to 90% of the total sales of most developers in India are contributed by real estate agents. However, even though the industry depends so heavily on real estate agents to sell units, real estate agent efficiency is limited by numerous market challenges.     Therefore, it is crucial to address these challenges and bring ease and transparency to the system to boost real estate sales. The following pain points affect their productivity and performance.…

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Unsold Real Estate Inventory Weighing You Down

Unsold Real Estate Inventory Weighing You Down?

One of the major hurdles that the real estate industry in India is facing right now is finding the methods to liquidate unsold real estate inventory. According to reports by JLL India, the country’s total unsold real estate has piled up to over 4,50,000+ in the first quarter of 2020, with a net absorption rate of –30%. Ready-to-move inventories in the top 7 metropolitan cities of the country now amounts…

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REstarting Real Estate How To Sell Properties Online

REstarting Real Estate: How To Sell Properties Online?

Most of you who know me personally know my consulting background. In fact, Loyalie was integrated with the sales process of various other industries before we started focusing solely on customer and channel partner loyalty for real estate.   Today, I decided to take a leaf out of my past and share a few thoughts on how the real estate industry could reignite its business and sell using contactless channels.   The core of my thoughts is simple – How to build trust in the current market?   As a…

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